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PS Move "Doesn't Add Value To FIFA"


Those of you who had your ear to the ground at E3 will have heard the news that Microsoft Kinect will be supported by EA by the time we reach FIFA 13, much to my distaste. More on that here. So if Microsoft’s motion technology is in, then surely that means Sony’s offering makes the cut too, right? Wrong, Peter Moore is not impressed with the PS Move and feels it “doesn’t add any value to FIFA”.

Full article over at Eurogamer.

I’m inclined to agree with that but then why adopt Kinect? To quote myself (which is odd) “If I actually have to leave my sofa to take a throw-in in FIFA 12, I will not be impressed” and to be honest I stand by that. We know now that motion control support won’t arrive until FIFA 13 so there’s no need to panic just yet but I really can’t see how or where this could work without seeming gimmicky?

The floor is yours, do you think motion controls like Kinect are appropriate for FIFA? What do you think Kinect could be used for?

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