PS Vita Firmware Update 1.60 Out Wednesday


Sony will be releasing their first major firmware update 1.60 for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on Wednesday.

The firmware update will introduce two new features. These are a map application featuring satellite imagery with positional and directional information. Also added is the ability to create your own videos using the Vita’s in-built camera.

Also the Vita’s Home Button will now flash blue when the handheld system is connected to power. Mac compatible version of its content management assistant for the Vita will also be released. This allows gamers easy access to transfer data between a computer and the Vita.

The update lastly see’s PlayStation Network Accounts rebranded and named as a ‘Sony Entertainment Network Account’ (SENA).

If you have a Vita imported already, Let us know how the update fares once it is released on Wednesday via the comment section below.

The PlayStation Vita will launch in Europe on February 22nd.

Source: CVG (cc: Andriasang)

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