PS Vita To Be Released Next Year In The UK


Sony have confirmed that the PS Vita will come out in time for Christmas in Japan, but will not see a UK and Europe release until next year.

This is disappointing news for gamers in the UK and Europe that were hoping to get their hands on the PS Vita by the end of the year. The PS Vita is priced at £229 for the Wi-Fi Model and £279 for the 3G model.

UK and European gamers won’t be the only ones having to wait though, as Sony announced that the PS Vita will be launching in North America in 2012 too.

For those who don’t want to wait, you could import one from Japan when it comes out at the end of the year as Vita is expected to be region free.

What do you think about Japan getting the PS Vita first. Do you plan on importing one?. Let us know by commenting below.

Source: CVG

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