With the recent 3D boom, the PS3 is no exception, with the news that 3D is coming to the PS3 within the coming months.

As Sony celebrates its Christmas sales success story for the PlayStation 3, the guys over at Pocket-lint posed some questions to John Koller, the director of hardware marketing for SCEA about the high-end console’s immediate future.

3D is set to be big in 2010, and Sony is not standing still in this market with 3D BRAVIA TVs due to hit this summer, which incidentally is when the PS3 is due its firmware update that will turn it into a fully-fledged, stereoscopic 3D-capable games platform, not to mention separate updates also due that will bring support for 3D Blu-ray.

It looks evident that we cannot escape the 3D era, only embrace it.

But this will make for gaming history and revolutionise the way we as gamers perceive and play the PS3.

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