PS3 Cross Game Chat To Be Restricted To Paid PSN Subscribers?


While this following article is only a rumour, it is an interesting discussion point nevertheless

Cross game chat, a feature Xbox 360 owners have enjoyed for years, and one PS3 fans can’t wait to experience on PSN. Thing is, in order to experience the goodness, you might have to pay for it.

If this rumour does come to fruition and cross game chat is restricted to just paid PSN subscribers, you will have a lot of disgruntled and disillusioned non paying PSN subscribers.

I just wouldn’t be able to see the logic behind this decision, the PS3’s online has always been one that has prized itself on allowing gamers to play online for free, I understand that they need to make money and yes I understand that some features should be paid for but this aforementioned feature is one that has been on the top of many gamers’ wishlists for a long time.

Also, considering that the PS3’s main rival has said feature and is constantly recognised and applauded for it, Sony should think wisely before making any decision on the matter.

I finish with what I started, I just wouldn’t be able to see the logic behind the decision.

Once again I want to reiterate that at this moment in time, this story is but a rumour

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