PS3 Games Getting Free 3D Patches


Some greats news for the next generation of gaming, that being 3D gaming!

Sony’s set to offer free-of-charge 3D patches for several PlayStation 3 games, when its 3D firmware launches this summer – possibly next month.

Four games – WipEout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, SuperStardust HD and PAIN – are set to roll out alongside the PS3’s 3D firmware update and Sony’s confirmed that owners of the vanilla, 2D versions will be able to “upgrade” to 3D for free by downloading a patch from the PlayStation Network.

The four games are set to be bundled with the company’s ‘launch model’ 3D Bravia, which will launch ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, of which Sony is a sponsor.

It’s been reported that any games receiving retrospective 3D adaptations will likely see resolution and textures downgrades in order to maintain a smooth framerate, which is fair enough really.

Sony’s previously gone on record that it thinks “stereoscopic 3D is possibly going to be the biggest revolution in gaming for many years to come.”

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