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PS3 Graphics Not Quite Right?


Then help is at hand!

We’ve read on various forums for a long time now – as well as people on the FSB team itself wondering what’s going on – that FIFA 10’s PS3 graphics don’t seem anywhere near as sharp as they do on the Xbox 360. This has sparked some debate but this morning, I was given a tip that I’ve been told works wonders.

(We could use some feedback here, so please read on…)

I’ve been told that if you boot up your PS3 without a disc in the drive and go to the SYSTEM column (the second icon from the left), then scroll down through the options until you reach the DISPLAY SETTINGS icon, press X and press X again on the first option in the menu – VIDEO OUTPUT SETTINGS.

Here you will be asked what connection you have – e.g. HDMI. You will then be met with a screen asking you to select Automatic or Custom settings, select Custom. On the screen that follows you should be presented with a list of four tick-boxes. The first one may be “greyed out” – i.e. you can’t untick it – but the rest of the list should be able to be modified.

Now so far we’ve only had this confirmed on 1080p-compatible TVs, but if you untick all the boxes that can be unticked, leaving just the 1080p option, people are reporting that this makes the graphics considerably sharper on PS3.

We’d love to know if this makes a difference on other TVs too, so if you try the above on a 1080i-only TV and you leave just the 1080i box ticked, and that makes your FIFA 10 graphics sharper, please let us know on the forums!

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