PS3 motion controller to be named 'Playstation Move'?


With Sony’s decision recently to ditch the name ‘Arc’ as the PS3’s motion controller name, rumours have been flying about all over the net to what the new name of the device would be. posted an article today in which it states that Sony have since registered the name ‘Playstation Move’ in Europe adding to speculation that this could be the new name for the motion controller.

Sony also trademarked a logo of some sort which can be seen above. Is this logo linked to the name, ‘move’? Or is it for something totally different? It would not surprise me one bit if it was indeed the logo for the motion controller but we will have to wait and see for confirmation from Sony before speculating on what the logo is used for. Thanks to for the original post about this.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed by Sony and it could end up being something totally different but I have to agree with and say that the word ‘move’ does indeed sound like something associated with motion in general. With GDC being held at the moment, it’s pretty likely that we will hear more about this then.

If you want to see the trademark information for ‘Playstation Move’ check it out by clicking here.

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