PS3 Price Cut Before The Year is out?


MCV have posted an article claiming that a senior global publishing source has stated that the PS3 will have a price cut before the year is out and that a level entry PS3 will be released for around the £200 mark and that it will include a 40GB or 60GB HDD like the original fat PS3’s had when the PS3 was new to the gaming world. Nothing as of yet has been confirmed by Sony but its very likely that some sort of price drop will happen during the latter part of the year in my opinion. The full article by MCV is below –

MCV has been told by a senior global publishing source that price cuts for the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be announced by the end of the year, and possibly as early as next month’s E3.

In addition, it is believed that there’s a strong possibility that Nintendo is also considering a price cut to stave off the increased opposition expected from Microsoft’s Natal and Sony’s PlayStation Move this Q4.

The publishing source in question has revealed that its own financial projections have been constructed around the belief that price drops are planned and that, as a result, console install bases will be higher than current trends point to this Q4.

The increasingly busy Q4 release schedule backs up the belief that publishers are expecting a very busy period in the traditional markets.

The likelihood is that Sony is planning an entry-level £200 PS3 SKU to compliment its existing high-end high-capacity offerings, probably including one controller and a 40GB or 60GB HDD.

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