PS3 Sales Reach 70 Million Units Worldwide


Sony Computer Entertainment have announced that sales for the PlayStation 3 has reached 70 million units worldwide.

They have also announced that sales of the PlayStation Move motion controller has surpassed 15 million units as of November 11th.

The PlayStation 3 comes delivering high quality, award-winning entertainment experiences since its launch. Throughout its lifecycle, the PS3 has continued to evolve with more streamlined design, larger Hard Disk Drive (HDD) capacity, and new features through software updates. In September 2012, SCE launched the new PS3, which has a reduced volume and weight of more than 50 percent compared to the original model, and of 25 percent and 20 percent respectively compared to the slim PS3 model launched in 2009.

They also introduced the PlayStation Network alongisde the PlayStation 3 in 2006 and operates in 59 counties and regions around the world. The service supports free community-centric online gameplay, exclusive games from independent developers and major publishers, and a broad range of entertainment applications across movies, music, and sports. PS3 owners can access 170,000 downloadable digital content including 57,000 game content worldwide. The PlayStation Store was redesigned in October 2012 which offered a more streamlined and accessible store experience, including a stunning new user interface, simple search, and powerful content discovery. The new store is now available in Europe and North and Latin America with more countries and regions to follow.

There is also the PlayStation Plus service that offers exclusive benefits such as discounts on games or online storage for game saves. They have also started an ‘Instant Game Collection’.The Instant Game Collection enables PS Plus members to enjoy popular titles from third party developers and publishers as well as SCE Worldwide Studios at no extra cost.

The PlayStation Move motion controller was first brought in back in September 2010 and enables users to intuitively play games is now supported by a wide range of titles with more than 400 as of November 2012, including Sports Champions 2. Wonderbook which comes out soon allows the use of the PlayStation Eye camera to take augmented reality to spectacular new places, while drawing players into new worlds and allowing them to interact with stories as they tilt or rotate it, or simply turn the pages.

With more and more games to go out for the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Move, there is no better time to own a PlayStation 3. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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