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PSM3 Claim PES 2010 To Be Shown At E3!


A MASSIVE thanks to Mongrel from the boards for this piece of news!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3, is a major event in the gaming calender. Held at the L.A. Convention Centre, due to it’s U.S. origin football (soccer) games rarely get a showing. The consensus tends to be that Gamscom (previously Leipzig) is the best time to show them. In the latest PSM3 podcast, however, the staff claim PES 2010 will buck the trend and appear at the show! Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

The magic words are said around the 1hr 12min mark. Also note they claim that FIFA 10 is at E3 too. 

Now, before we get carried away, this still isn’t an official comment, more like a magazine making a prediction. On the flip-side, they do sound very confident about the prospect of the unveiling – and lets not forget their close relationship with Konami. Not long to go until we find out! As ever, let us know your thoughts on the boards.

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