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PSM3 E3 Preview And Q&A


Big thanks to Dan from PSM3 for the heads up as always on this.

In the next issue, released Friday July 2nd, the guys from PSM3 have produced a mega E3 dedicated issue. Amongst the impressive cover title MGS Rising and a magnitude of other quality titles AND free analogue grips, there’s also some PES 2011 action going on.

You’ll find a quick update on Dan’s impressions from the show, and his take on how things have improved from playing first build back in May.

Beyond this, PSM3 are now taking questions from the community about their experiences with PES 2011 at the show, exclusively va their twitter page: www.twitter.com/PSM3_Magazine. If you have any questions, fire them off before the weekend, and Dan will post up the answers on their site at the start of the week.

Huge thanks to Dan and PSM3 for supporting the PES community once again!

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