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PSM3 Exclusive PES 2010 Issue Days Away


With PSM3 being officially released July 9th, I thought I would let you all know what we can and can’t allow on the website. The guys over at PESFan have already given the community a heads up on what’s coming, and with PSM3 due to have an abundance of new info and new screenshots, it’s bound to get ‘messi’ (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Gari has already posted some rules about it on the forums, but I thought I would reiterate them on the front site to signify the importance of this. WE CANNOT ALLOW SCANS OF THE MAGAZINE ON THE SITE OR DIRECT LINKS TO THEM. Along with this, WE CANNOT ALLOW TEXT WRITTEN ON THE BOARDS QUOTING DIRECTLY FROM THE MAGAZINE ON THE SITE. There, I’ll stop shouting.

It’s not just a case of us not wanting to upset Konami or PSM3, but also the fact we will be breaking copyright laws and could be prosecuted if we’re seen to be allowing such activities. Saying all this, the information PSM3 talk about will be rounded up briefly by WENB, to give people some insight if they should go and buy the magazine. And yes, you can freely talk about the content in the magazine on the boards (would be impossible not to), as long as you’re not direct quoting.

Hopefully you all will respect the rules above, and we can enjoy the news appropriately when it hits.


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