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PSM3 & Fans On The Same Page


Just got back into the country late last night, and waiting for me was the latest issue of PSM3. Being January many magazines are running 2010 previews, and PSM3 is no different. Nestled in the feature is an article focused on 5 things they personally want to see improved for PES 2011 (and FIFA 11).

Those 5 things are:

  • Revamp The Animation
  • Innovate In BAL
  • Make Master League More Realistic
  • Rework Trick System and Dribbling
  • Make Online Less Predictable
  • With each wish they’ve detailed exactly what they want to see improved. And when you read the entire article you’ll realise that most of the things written echo much of what the fans want also. It becomes even more warming knowing that this is coming from the most influential magazine regarding PES out there.

    With the fans and PSM3 on the same page, fingers crossed one unified voice is heard much more clearer.

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