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PSM3 Mag Out Tomorrow!


Huge thanks to editor Dan for providing is with all this information!

So, as most know, PSM3 magazine has the print exclusive for PES 2011. With it comes loads of information on PES, and lots of other awesome gaming goodness!

First, regarding PES 2011, Dan told me:

PES 2011 is four pages, 1000+ words, all the new screens, plus a few snaps from the studio tour, plus insight into our trip/tour (sound recording, drinking in tiny pub with PES team etc). It’s not all new (after yesterday’s info splurge), but a more rounded insight into what I thought of the game.


It’s worth adding, there’s loads more besides PES, for those who are wanting more of a reason to purchase the magazine:

– Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – exclusive hands-on + first screens + Q&A
– Feature: We predict the World Cup using FIFA and PES to see which game is most accurate (with some mad, fun results that sort-of make sense. Though Greece do unusually well in one of the games). Which game is most realistic? We’ll find out when the cup kicks off… and the feature doubles up a fixture chart
MGS: Peace Walker: Review
COD: Black Ops – previewed
– Plus: Free dual-side DVD with HD movies, plus ‘Top 50 PS3 Games of 2010’ book

That enough for you?

The magazine is £4.99, and will be released June 3rd (tomorrow). You can purchase the mag online, and even subscribe by clicking here. There’s an awesome offer going for people who do subscribe (blu-rays, boxsets, exclusive covers etc).

So make sure you pick one up tomorrow!

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