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PSM3 Mega-Issue Update


I’m sure many of you are itching to get your hands on a copy of PSM3’s nest issue with heavy details and information on PES 2010. I know i’m waiting anxiously for my copy. For those of you trying to order a copy and having slight issues at the moment, here is an official statement from the Editor of PSM3 Dan Dawkins.

Yes, it’s me, not a robot impostor – though the thought appeals.

If you try the shop link, and get told the August issue has ‘sold out’, mail us at psm3@futurenet.co.uk, under email header ‘PES2010 – WENB’, providing your name and UK postal address, and we’ll try and work out a way to get the issue to you through the same deal. Sorry I can’t say more now, since I need to check with some internal admin/sales folk at work on Monday to see what has happened.

It might be that the ‘sold out’ is an admin error, since the issue isn’t ‘live’ in the system yet. Don’t worry – we’ve got loads of copies!

Thanks for your support. It’s a big year for PES 2010. We’ll be hosting a live Twitter Q&A later in the week, to clarify any points/confusion from the article, plus we’ll have some tidbits that didn’t make the mag going on our blog http://www.psm3mag.com: some stats stuff that had to be dropped since it was maybe a bit too niche for the mag’s wider readership, even though it makes me oddly excited. For example, how a player’s stats change when you push him in an unfamiliar position – that’s explicitly displayed now.

So hang in there and keep checking the WENB Forums for more information on how to get your copy to your doorstep!

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