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PSM3 Offer After Sales Support!


Sorry about the title, hot weather and all that…

PSM3 editor Dan Dawkins (that’s him in the header) has been on the boards to let everyone know that the PSM3 website will be offering a more in-depth and detailed look at PES 2010 on Saturday! And if that wasn’t enough, the planned Q&A session through twitter (http://twitter.com/PSM3_Magazine) with be held on Monday July 13th! Here’s what he had to say:

Thanks to everyone who bought the mag. Especially those who bought it twice ;)

Check the www.psm3mag.com blog on Saturday after 12.00 lunchtime for a HUGE detail blowout, including loads of player stats, menu screen updates, new player cards etc etc – it’s everything we put in our notebook, that wouldn’t fit in the magazine. It’s probably a bit too hardcore for our wider readership, but it makes me oddly excited reading about the sub-permutations of the Change Formations menu.

Did you know Henry has the Cut Back Pass card, that you can toggle on/off? More like this on Saturday.

All being well, we’ll do the Twitter Q&A on Monday 13th, probably about 5pm. You can post your questions in the comments on Saturday’s blog if you want us to start answering them off the bat on Monday.

Thanks again for your support


A massive thanks to PSM3 for going beyond the call of duty, getting the PES fanbase even more news!

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