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PSM3: PES 2010 News Within Weeks


Good old PSM3. Known friends/supporters of Konami, they support the series more than most these days. In the latest issue they not only have a fantastic feature on PES 2009, there’s also a hint at when news will hit regarding PES 2010. But we have to ask, who’s linking who? 

Released Thursday April 9th, the May issue of PSM3 certainly covers PES a great deal. Towards the rear of the magazine you can find an interesting and well delivered mini-feature on certain aspects of PES 2009. Primarily titled ‘The Best 25 Signings In Master League’, it also covers other aspects – like tips on how to score 1-on-1’s, to over/underrated stars in the game.

But its the news in the front of the magazine that certainly will grab most readers attention. In the ‘Insider’ section it details the very same rumours that were launched by this site, without giving specific sources. The full paragraphs reads:

Expect first details on Pro Evo 2010 within weeks – net rumours suggest a much-needed master league revamp, returning licenses (like La Liga) and an official UEFA Cup mode. We’re saying nothing, but brace for official confirmation soon.

Reading that you can see why we’re asking who’s linking who, but the snippet of news certainly gets us excited. Knowing how the media world works, it’s obvious they know something about the upcoming version of PES. Not being able to divulge the news officially, they’ve attached themselves to rumours just to have an excuse to report on it – and then add their own input. Because of this, the first and last sentences hold a lot of weight.

Due to the huge excitement about the game from Konami UK, news within weeks is certainly believable.

More news as we have it.

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