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PSM3 Talk PES2012


… And it sounds like the publications resident PES fan loves it!

Those familiar with PSM3 will be aware that the publications editor, Dan Dawkins is a massive football fan and makes no secret of his love for the PES franchise, football games in general in fact and also is a friend of WENB. Like all of us he has shared the highs and lows the series has offered up in it’s history and approaches each new game with that cautious optimism which is something of a requirement when it comes to the franchise, so when he speaks about the game in the magazine or in the fantastic PSM3 podcast, you know you are getting a well informed opinion born of that same passion the rest of us have.

In their latest, podcast PES2012 is discussed by Dan at some length and it sounds very much like the game has won him over. take a listen for yourself by taking yourself to this here LINK. Be sure to listen to it in it’s entirety as, for me anyway, it is the best gaming discussion podcast out there. Also be sure to check out the latest edition of the magazine that is on sale now.

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