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PSM3 Twitter Q&A Round-up


You might of missed it, but PSM3 just completed their twitter Q&A on PES 2010. If you missed it don’t fret, as after the jump we have all their answers just for you! Enjoy.

1 – No loading screens? Unlike PES 2009, there’s no visible ‘stalling’ screen between the tactics menu and kick off.

2 – We’ve heard Konami reps rumour playing as one man, or similar, like FIFA as the game ‘loads’, but this wasn’t in code we played.

3 – Goal keepers? They definitely spill the ball less, so less jammy rebound goals. BUT they are capable of insane reaction stops.

4 – Demo date? No idea, sorry. Almost definitely post-Cologne (which is August 19th), but PES 2009 (demo) date was 2nd October.

5 – Bundesliga? Konami told us it would be in PES 2010, but we haven’t seen it, and it’s not been confirmed by Konami Japan. More soon.

6 – Are player names IN BLOCK CAPITALS? Er, we didn’t notice. And we DON’T CARE.

7 – Are volleys different? Not played enough to tell, but chest control takes longer for less skilled players

8 – Has running changed? Noticeable difference from walking to running in terms of response depending on player ability. As a result, a lot of your best work is done at walking pace using quick passes and subtle feints – it took us hours to adjust

9 – Tactics sliders? Make a clear, visible difference to team attitude, off-the-ball support and AI pressing. Impressive, all told

10 – Commentary? Sounded same as PES 2009 to us, since it’s not been updated yet. No need to worry yet.

11 – …passes were pressure-dependent, and player dependent

12 – Can you change tactics sliders on the fly? Not in the code we played, but this may still be work in progress

13 – …definitely harder to score, and much harder to find space w/o being closed down

14 – 3D crowd? Yes. But there’s a a lot of identical looking men, sat in oddly symmetrical patterns – but it’s definitely better

15 – (asked about 2 vs 2 online) PES 2010 uses ‘an enhanced version’ of the PES6 system, claim Konami Japan. Our hope? Yes

16 – A tiny bit, but new mo-cap animations are being implemented as we speak. Judgement: withheld

17 – PES 2010 not 360 dribbling, but twisting/feinting at walking pace very responsive.

18 – Online lobby hosting? It’s not confirmed, but we were told Sony will host, i.e. like most other PS3 games

19 – Konami must be confident about online, since they were talking about a ‘closed’ pre-release code trial. They can’t mess it up again.

20 – Top line stats ‘wrong’? See our recent blog for more. It could be that condition affects the ‘top line’ stat, too – Konami to confirm

21 – Why turn player cards off? Since it may clash with your tactics sliders – but we need to play more to test their finer impact.

22 – New penalty system? Like the old one, but less digital, so shot directions need to be ‘held’ more precisely

23 – Don’t know officially – in terms of initial mo-cap tests – but there was the Barca/Messi event on the official PES 2010 blog.

24 – Should you worry about PES 2010? No. 50% code suggests more refinement/consolidation than revolution, but there’s LOADS left to show.

25 – Long-range ‘screamer’ shots back for PES 2010

26 – Chants being reworked, with bespoke importing options said to be improved

27 – We played in rain on super early code, and it made the screen very dark and grey – it must be placeholder

28 – (asked if Old Trafford is in) Man U should be licenced, and Anfield is in PES 2010, so we hope: yes.

29 – Post free-kick freezing has gone. Good.

Thats all they had time for, but promised to answer more questions in the future!

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