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PSM3 & WENB Collaborate To Bring You The News First!


Exciting times at WENB right now. First off we have officially teamed up with Konami, giving the community a chance to shape the game to their liking. Then, WENB get given a playtest, which we’ll be able to divulge in full after July 15th. And now, we have officially teamed up with PSM3 giving the community the chance to purchase their next very special issue and have it delivered to your door on the day of release. But thats just the beginning, as if you purchase through WENB you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win special ‘money can’t buy’ PES related prizes!

Interested? Then hit the jump!

A big thank you to Editor of the magazine Dan Dawkins for getting in touch with WENB, and trying to sort something out for the fans to get this news from PSM3 the right way. We’ve been consistently stressing to everybody how important it is to do everything correctly, especially if we want this site to grow even more and have a bigger influence in the PES world.

Due to our anti-scans stance this year, we realize that people who can’t really go and purchase the magazine easily will feel they don’t have anyway of getting the news. Thanks to this collab though, that’s about to change! You can purchase the magazine through the Gamesradar shop if you live in Europe!

You can get the latest PES 2010 issue of PSM3 from the Gamesradar shop for £4.99, with delivery included, by clicking here. Don’t forget, it’s the August issue you’re after! (Magazines work a month in advance, so if it hits in July, it will say August issue etc)

The copy will arrive the same day as the shops, 9th July for UK customers (European customers click here for delivery details) – but you don’t even need to leave the house. You also get the full bag/packaging – unlike subscribers. Along with that, if you purchase it from the above link, you’ll be entered into a special prize draw to win very unique PES related prizes. This includes shirts signed by the likes of Torres, the first copy of PES 2010, plus other rare items from the PSM3 offices.

First and foremost though, this is all about getting the news to the fans first. And before any of you start thinking we have ulterior motives, I can guarantee that WENB is in no way taking any cut of the sales generated through this offer. We want the true fans who genuinely want to get the news first to have the opportunity to do so. After all, being first for news in what WENB is all about.

And I finish with a look at the special packaging that will be wrapped around one of the most anticipated issues of any magazine this year:

Looks epic hey? That’s because it is – the feature is 10 pages long! So if you want the news first, make sure you pick it up!

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