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PSN Outage: Urgent Update


Not something to be honest I thought we’d be posting about but based on the news to come out in the last hour I think it’s entirely appropriate that everyone is aware of the severity of the recent PSN outage and Sony’s latest update. Please head over to the Playstation Blog and read the latest update from Sony very carefully.

Potentially account details, personal information, purchase history and credit card details could have been leaked. The latter hasn’t been officially confirmed but we’d recommend that every one checks there accounts and be extremely vigilant for the next few days or until we hear otherwise from Sony.

It may also be worth resetting passwords for sites which share the account details/email that you use on PSN to protect your data across all the services that you use.

Please take any action that you feel is necessary to protect your data, it isn’t worth the risk.

Here’s the link again PLEASE read very carefully: Playstation Blog

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