PSP Tops Japanese Hardware Chart


The PSP has always had a very good following in Japan and it seems that the trend is continuing after the Japanese hardware sales figures were released for dates between July 26th and August 1st. The UMD based PSP topped the chart with 48,603 sold with the PS3 just behind with 45,224 sold. Those two systems have given Sony a good few weeks in Japan but there is a downside, the PSPgo had a very, very poor few weeks with a shocking 777 sold in Japan. It seems that Japan hasnt taken to the PSPgo like the rest of the world then. Terrible sales figures for what is Sony’s newest addition to the PSP family in its own backyard is not good at all. The full list of sales figures for each console is listed below –

  1. PSP – 48,603
  2. PS3 – 45,224
  3. DSi LL – 23,120
  4. Wii – 20,038
  5. DSi – 17,950
  6. Xbox 360 – 6,929
  7. DS Lite – 4,058
  8. PS2 – 1,444
  9. PSPgo – 777

Thanks to vg247 for the article.

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