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FIX PUBG is a new microsite which lays out the upcoming fixes headed to PUBG over the next few months. This is a response to the countless ‘Fix the Game’ messages that Brendan ‘Playerunknown’ Greene and the team have received since its launch.

The microsite showcases categorised fixes, each with due dates and completion status, so you can easily keep track of what’s planned for the games next updates. There’s even a genius Battle Royale style bug tracker which I’m particularly fond of.

The screenshot above shows the number of different categories that FIX PUBG is focussing on including client and server performance and anti-cheat mechanics. Also listed is the ‘Xbox Road to 1.0’ which contains two issues that have already been fixed. There’s no indication of a 1.0 release date, though.

It’s great to see such a transparent plan for the future of PUBG, especially one so in-depth, as it shows the dev team are really dedicated to making PUBG the go-to Battle Royale experience.

You can find out all the information over at

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