Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar Review


I can’t hear you over how awesome I am…

On first inspection of the M3 Soundbar I was greeted with a long speaker with a stand already in place with a very modern looking design. Its sleek black colour matches great with most electricals fit for a king such as TV’s, PS4’s and most glass stand cabinets; you will hardly notice it is there that is of course you put it directly in front of your TV depending on the size as the soundbar boasts a hefty size itself however that brings me onto another point but I will explain about that after my experience with setting it up.

The first problem I ran into when setting up the soundbar was that the HDMI cable supplied had snapped after I had plugged it into the port underneath; the reason for this is the design. Everything is required to be plugged into the underside at the back of the soundbar; for the supplied mains adapter this was not a problem as the plug that goes into the soundbar is small and the wire comes from the side of the plug but the HDMI cable was a different story as the wire needs to be bent which when trying to set up the first time and after having put the soundbar back down I had snapped the HDMI connection off almost completely; for this reason I highly recommend wall mounting it or having the soundbar in a position that it is over the edge of a table or stand so the wire can hang without any accidents.

My second issue was that I couldn’t get any sound from connecting through the HDMI; I tested it with a second cable but to no avail no sound came through on my TV. I blame this due to my TV though; there are other connections available however so be aware this is something to watch out for as it seems not all TV’s support this feature. The soundbar comes with a HDMI cable only so if your TV is incompatible then you may have to shell out on some different cables.

I did just this and bought an optical cable which works amazing. Setting the soundbar to work with the type of connection you are using is fine for example if you connect a device through bluetooth it will find the soundbar which will flash blue and then ask permission and then stay on a solid blue colour to know that you are connected by bluetooth. A solid white colour shows that the soundbar is currently connected by optical; my only gripe here is that it would be nice if the button colour codes were included in the manual but they are not and I had to look online so if you are not getting any sound it may be worth checking to make sure you are on the right channel which is distinguished by the colour of the button on top.

As i mentioned before about the size of the soundbar earlier; is this a problem? Not at all; I have placed the soundbar all around my room and each time I have got the same quality of sound no matter where it is placed. There is a feature with this piece called the MoviEQ mode which gives the bass a lot more boom to it however the bass included is already on the heavy side so unless you want to annoy your neighbours then feel free to turn it up a notch. The quality of sound is superb and you only need a minimal volume level to get the most out of it.


The Q Acoustics M3 Soundbar is a worthy piece of kit that would add a lot to any home system that includes films, gaming, house parties and general use. The first problem that I had mentioned is easily fixable meaning this soundbar is a great choice without being overly complicated. If you want great sound and simplicity you can’t go wrong here.


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