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Q&A With FIFA YouTuber Bateson87 on PES!


Your’re probably reading this title thinking “What the hell? A FIFA player on a PES site?!” Yes, that’s correct. Bateson87 kindly answered a few of our questions regarding PES as a whole and his thoughts on PES 2015 at Gamescom.

For those who aren’t familiar with Bateso87 (Jamie), he is a well known FIFA YouTuber, providing constant videos on features such as Ultimate Team. However, this is WENB, and we sent over a few questions to Bateson, asking him what he thought of Konami’s offering this year as well as his background with PES. Enjoy!

Q1. Hi Bateson. First of all, could you please tell us about your past experience with PES?

Back when I was a teenager and we had consoles back then (PS2), my friends had them and played a new game called PES. A game which looked awesome and had everyone talking about it at school and on the streets. Obviously It was something I instantly needed as FIFA was put on the shelf by most of us back then. When I got my PS2, PES2 was the only game I had with and started playing with players such as Rivaldo, Figo and Zidane. Obviously the addiction grew stronger especially when Master league sucked me in and that was me hooked until PES6 where I took a step away and got a PS3. But ill always remember the option file edits and kit edits I was searching for on PESfan 😀

Q2. What, in your opinion, differentiates PES from FIFA?

With FIFA being the leading game now with the young audience and FUT (Ultimate Team) talking huge leaps, PES has taken the back seat for many years and once something sticks regardless of how good it is its very hard to go back. However, after seeing the game at gamescom it is very close again between both games and many people inc myself are looking as to how MyClub will operate and maybe thats the key to future success for PES.

Q3. You played PES 2015 at Gamescom. What were your initial thoughts?

I was looking forward to playing it after seeing certain articles about MyClub and then Adam Bhatti tweeting the Vines with elements such as shooting,  passing and skills. Obviously, we all noticed a few niggles here and there but I wanted to try it myself. Even before I played a game of FIFA 15, I played 4 games of PES 2015 at the stand and it instantly put a smile back on my face. The menus, graphics and everything just caught me and a few others who were playing the game. As I was playing myself, I enjoyed how the passing worked, the shooting system and how incredible the goalkeepers were. I played 5+ games of PES 2015 and I have got to say, I cannot wait for the full release and it has made me want it so much more!

Q4. Were there any elements of PES 2015, from your time at Gamescom, that you thought could be improved upon?

The only things which could be improved outside of the game is the licensing as thats a big pull for those who want to visually see the best league re-created in game. The first touch system system was a bit off but no doubt that was down to myself trying to adapt from FIFA 😀

Q5. You’re a well known FIFA YouTuber. Do you think there is potential for YouTubers to also cover PES?

Even though FIFA will always be my home on YouTube, I have got a separate channel waiting and ready to go when PES 2015 is released. If they can build on the feedback given at Gamescom, making it even better than what I played at Gamescom, then I can see not only myself but others making videos on PES 2015. Ive know Adam for along time (doesnt beat around the bush) and for him to be so hyped about the game, it is going be a great year for PES and will be so much fun playing it. It didnt win the Best Sports Game at Gamescom for nothing 😉

Big thank you to Bateson87 for answering our questions.

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