Quantic Dream to try an online title next?


David Cage has that that he and his team would love to try their hand at creating and trying out an online space as he has stated that he has many stories that he would like to tell and an online space would be the best way to do exactly that. He was speaking to industrygamers.com about the many things including where his team goes next and like the title says, the possibility of an online title. His full interview is below –

IG: Speaking of moral dilemmas and player choices, that’s something that we’re seeing more of in today’s games, whether in BioShock or the games from BioWare. Do you feel that maybe game designers have some obligation to present moral choices and show consequences for actions?

DC: You know, in Heavy Rain we try to deal with moral choices in a very different way than many video games. It’s not about deciding if you want to be good or bad; it’s much more about shades of grey. Because this is what life is about. We’re never such a nice guy in real-life but we’re never a villain doing only evil things in real-life; we’re somewhere in between. So I was interested in [presenting] moral dilemma where the answer really was not obvious. For example, do you think it would be fair to kill someone to save someone you love? That’s a very difficult question to ask because you could be the advocate of one answer or the other.

IG: In terms of the game’s development, what were the most challenging aspects of making Heavy Rain in your view?

DC: One of the most challenging aspects was really just to communicate about it, talk about it and convince people, believe it or not…

IG: Not the answer I was expecting!

DC: I’m sure, but that’s the case. Talking about it was for me the most exhausting thing, because we tried to create something new and different. I was hoping for a positive response right away, but many people were quite skeptical. Some said, “Yeah you know, so many developers say that their game will be this and that and then when the game is released it doesn’t live up to the promises.” So we struggled a lot with the game, especially against people who were saying that this is just an interactive movie or it’s going to be Dragon’s Lair… So it was really exhausting. But I’m so pleased now that the game is released that all these people can realize that everything we said about Heavy Rain in the last two years actually is true. The game itself is the answer to all of this, and I’m so pleased that many, many critics changed their mind between the moment we talked about it and when they got the final game.

IG: With the game completed and on retail shelves now, where does your focus turn to? What’s the next project for Quantic Dream?

DC: Well, we have definitely discovered something with Heavy Rain, and the market has responded very positively to it, so we want to continue to investigate what it takes to create experiences based on interactive storytelling and emotions for an adult audience. I want to write better stories and make them even more interactive with more consequences and tell different types of stories. For me, Heavy Rain is really the end of a cycle that I started 12 years ago with Omikron: The Nomad Soul, Indigo Prophecy and then Heavy Rain. So now I want to write more personal stories and maybe stories that have not been told before, because I now understand the grammar and how to use the words in the new language of interactive storytelling. I want to go further. And there are also many interesting changes awaiting us regarding the online space. So this is something we are going to explore in the very near future.

IG: That’s an interesting point, because Heavy Rain is essentially a solitary, solo experience, so how would you leverage online?

DC: Well that’s the real question, you know. With each project I try to answer one of several questions. And my goal is that by the end of the project I got my answers. So the question you ask is the next one for me, and I’m going to work on it. But you know, I’m not going to do online like World of Warcraft. I think Heavy Rain is really an important moment for Quantic Dream definitely and maybe other people in the industry. So we’ll try to bring to multiplayer experiences the same change that Heavy Rain was to single-player.

IG: One of Sony’s goals with Move is to capture some of the Wii audience. Do you think some of these new gamers from the Wii audience might make the progression to ever play something like Heavy Rain?

DC: Well, I hope so. Many new gamers came in to play Wii Fit. Are they going to jump from Wii Fit to Heavy Rain? I’m not sure, but at the same time, many people who hesitated to buy a PS3 now own one because it’s a Blu-ray player… so maybe they’d want something like Heavy Rain because it’s really close to that movie experience. The game also has different levels of difficulty so you can still get the same experience on the lowest difficulty setting, which makes it very accessible. So I hope it’s going to make more people try. That’s really what I read on forums – that people want to buy a PS3 so they can play Heavy Rain.

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