Quantic Dream's Stunning KARA Tech Demo


Yesterday in San Francisco at GDC, David Cage from Quantic Dream unveiled a quite astonishing video showcasing the technology Quantic Dream has been working using the PlayStation 3.

The tech demo, titled KARA, is the first time the studio has made use of full body performance capture techniques, and the end is result is quite stunning. Whilst it’s only a tech demo and not a game, what’s impressive is that it’s running in real time on the PlayStation 3, showcasing the power inside Sony’s home console.

You may remember Cage and Quantic Dream unveiled a similar demo around six years ago called The Casting, before incorporating the technology in the magnificent PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain. Compare KARA to The Casting now and the latter seems almost prehistoric, which is a testament to the the work Quantic Dream has put into their new technology. To think, this tech demo was actually finished a year ago, which means the studio has had even more time to improve it since. One can only imagine what their technology is capable of now!

Check out a video of the tech demo below, and be sure to let us know what you think via the comments section.



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