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Rage Quitting: Feedback Update


A few weeks ago we started up a post on Rage Quitting and let’s just say it got you guys in to some pretty heated discussion. It was always going to be a topic which split opinion but your responses were so good and so diverse that we asked EA to give some feedback of their own. UK FIFA Community Manager Phil Wride was kind enough to spare FSB some time to share his own thoughts on the Rage Quitting debate.

“This is (and will always be) the great debate in FIFA I think and the range of comments here just goes to show how complex an issue it is. There are some fantastic points and counter-points and we know that we can’t please all the people all of the time. For the suggestion about introducing the WC online model of seasons, I know this was something that was looked at but opted against for 11, we will have to see what the future holds for whether it makes a return.

As for punishments, ring-fencing, handicaps and wrist slaps I don’t think there is a best-case scenario here but greater analysis of the tools available would be a good starting point. I believe it is possible to differentiate between someone’s connection going (even if it’s pulling the plug) and someone pressing the “quit” button and if that is true then we can build from that. After that I guess it’s a case of graded “punishments” or actions taken. I like the option for those with a high DNF to be matched up with others that have a high DNF but there also needs to be a chance of redemption; if someone enters this ring-fenced area and they don’t quit for their next five matches their DNF decreases and they move down a rung and closer to “freedom” where they can find matches against people with a low / non-existent DNF. For those that continue to quit on a regular basis they continue to be matched up against people of the same mindset.

On the side of results, ranking points and when are games counted as a “win” etc I think the current 5 min rule is a useful bench mark and after that a trigger related to the second–half of a match could also be useful. 3-0 wins I think are fair and are good at highlighting how many times someone has been quit on but I do think evolving the achievements / trophies to take into consideration quitting is something that needs to happen.

Given my experience of playing numerous different types of online games I don’t think we can ever eradicate the quitting “factor” but to quote a great film; the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

Interesting stuff I’m sure you’ll agree and huge thanks to Phil and EA UK for taking time out to comment.

The FSB community has put a tremendous amount of effort in to this site in early 2011 and things like this are a just reward for your great input. The commenting on articles, especially the Rage Quitting debate has been fantastic and it’s important you know that your posts do get noticed and do get fed back to EA. It’s been a great start to 2011 for FIFASoccerBlog and long may it continue.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Rage Quitting discussion.

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