Razer Reveal Naga Hex Gaming Mouse


Razer have today revealed the latest in a long line of PC gaming peripherals in the form of the Razer Naga Hex.

The mouse is primarily designed for MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and fast paced action RPG’s such as Bloodline Champions and the eagerly awaited Diablo III.

The Hex will come with six mechanical thumb buttons, half as many as previous, MMO based Naga iterations but will be good for a whopping 250 clicks a minute and a 10 million click life cycle.

The mouse will also come with three changeable thumb rests for maximum comfort and Razer’s Synapse cloud software, so your custom mouse settings carry over to other PC’s and laptops.

Lefty’s however are out of luck, when asked about the possibility of a left handed version of the mouse on Twitter @CultofRazer had this to say: “unfortunately, there are no plans as of right now for a lefty, but we’re not ruling out the possibility

Razer’s latest gaming mouse could tempt MOBA fans but may need a change of visual style if it wishes to avoid the tag of ‘the ugly duckling’.


The Hex will cost $79.99 and will be available some time later this month with Razer taking pre-orders right now.




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