Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer: "A Wild West MMORPG"


The sooner we get to the release of Rockstars Red Dead Redemption the more amazing it looks. Until now gamers havent really paid much notice to the game which is weird considering the fact that its made by gaming giants Rockstar, but now people are starting to wonder why they havent because everytime we see or read anything about Red Dead Redemption we think to ourselves “Wow”.

If the scope and depth of the single player campaign is enough to make most gamers drool, we are now startring to see details on the multiplayer aspect and according to the latest edition of PSM it is: “The Greatest Multiplayer Lobby in the History of Videogames“. That is a big statement to make but after we read some of the key details below then its a very realistic expectation:

  • Create a “posse” and roam freely about the map
  • Engage in hunting wild animals, to hunting other gamers
  • ad hoc missions (like besieging a desert ranch filled with bandits)
  • Gain experience points which can be used to customize appearance and upgrade horse, weapons and “title”
  • Unlock new multiplayer modes like the standard 16-player deathmatch and team based “capture the bag”

Personally, after Heavy Rain and God Of War III, i honestly didnt think that anything else to release this year would offer such a satisfying gaming experience, well that has certainly changed. With this game and Mafia II also due this summer, this year is looking to be a blockbuster year for gaming and we are only half way thru, not to mention we also have Motion Control to look forward to in the Autumn. Its a good time to be a gamer.

Thanks to Rockstar Network for the article and as always visit our Forums here.

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