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RegionPS3 Reports On PES 2010 Playtest


Thanks to jjoseca and ThomasGOAL for the news.

The playtests of PES 2010 wasn’t exclusive just to the sites based in the UK, as our Spanish counterparts were busy getting hands on with the game as well.

RegionPS3 have reported back from their time with the game, giving nothing but extremely positive feedback. Read the (rough) translation after the jump!

Event presentation PES 2010

Hot day in the capital of Spain which has been chosen by the Konami Spain, for the presentation of the next Pro Evolution Soccer.

In a central Madrid hotel we expected the Konami team, no big an event, or large effects, personal attention, where we have been able to speak with you to your Borja Altolaguirre, taking all our doubts and concerns.

In the beginning we have numbered the new qualities of the game, in my humble opinion are not limited to later watch a video of last time, we also have the form that will be used to promote the game in Spain, including the well-known for casting out with Messi and Torres, to be held on 17 and July 18 in Madrid and Barcelona.

For more information about the casting goes through its official website [Only registered users can see links. FREE SIGN …]

And finally, we could test the game, my feelings and I’m sorry but I can not count on much more, until July 15. Have been very good since I have actually seen an evolution from the 2010 and 2009, both graphically and gameplay.

Not being able to feel better, though I wish I could tell you everything I’ve seen. See you on the day July 15 with more surprises.

Thanks to all the team at Konami for the event and Borja personally by the photographer of treatment and exercise.

Looks like 15th July will be an explosion of news!

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