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4 years ago back in 2012, République was a successful Kickstarter campaign, and from there has had great success on mobile devices and PC. It has took a while but Camouflaj and NIS America have finally brought République to the PlayStation 4, with the console edition being the ‘complete’ package, including all 5 episodes. Can it get the same success and more on next-gen consoles? Would the transition from mobile to console go smoothly? Yes to both of those questions!

Game: République
Developer: Camouflaj
Publisher: NIS America
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République is pure stealth, there is no doubt about it. It is hard to come up with a comparison for République, but if you put the classic Resident Evil games alongside the original Metal Gear Solid, you’ll be close to getting an idea on what it’s all about. I’ll begin with summarizing the story, as I don’t like to give out massive spoilers in my reviews, and also I don’t want you missing what is a great, surprising story. Basically, the story sees you take control of a young teenage girl named Hope.

Hope was born and raised in a mysterious facility and is given the tag of 390-H. Hope wants to leave the facility and enter a world of freedom, so with the help of a hacked mobile phone, you are given the task to help Hope on her journey and give her that freedom she desperately craves. As I said previously, the story was really surprising as in all honesty, I didn’t expect it to be that good!

I was also surprised at the voice cast talent that was on task for République. Metal Gear Solid veterans will be pleased to know that David Hayter is back in République as he takes on the role of Zager. In fact, all of the voice acting is carried out impeccably and really get a thumbs up from me in pulling me in from start to finish.

I mentioned at the start of my review about wondering if the transition from mobile to console would go smoothly. I can say yes on all counts, but we will get to the gameplay shortly. Visually, the developers have really improved République from its mobile release, but I wouldn’t say that they have done a fantastic job with the graphics. Whilst they are better, it did occur to me throughout playing it that it looked more like a game on the PlayStation 3 would, which was a little disappointing.

Whilst I was a little disappointed with the graphics, that is where my disappointment ends with République. It is a game that feels alive at every corner turn, as you go through each episode as Hope’s eyes. Yes, you have access to every camera available in the facility, which is how you can plan and get Hope to freedom throughout the game. Of course, it is not that easy, as you have enemies (known as Prizrak). If these enemies spot you, you are thrown in a secure room only for you to try, try again. There will be many times that you’ll get spotted so always make sure that you plan your approach thoroughly. Thankfully, getting Hope quietly past guards isn’t the only way past. If you feel you really NEED to, you do have the ability to taser or pepper spray the guards, if you have acquired either that is!

The system that you are controlling is called OMNI View, which lets you hack different things such as computers and locked doors. Unfortunately, your OMNI View level won’t be high enough to just get hope through the facility, you’ll have to level up your system through the use of Daemon servers. By leveling up tour OMNI View, this will allow you to guide Hope to different parts of the facility. Thankfully, where you need to go in the facility is marked on the map so you do have a clear guide on where you need to go.

Whilst you do have a clear guide on where to go, that doesn’t stop République from throwing up a few puzzles now and then. These puzzles are relatively straight forward, with an exception going to the puzzle in Episode 2, where you have to guide Hope through a room that is full of lasers which if triggered, will lock up every door and cause you to reset from the start again.

What is also good is how the developers have transitioned the controls from the early mobile release to next-gen consoles with the PlayStation 4. République has been perfectly developed for the DualShock 4, with every camera, switch and door perfectly mapped out to the control pad in your hands. Not once did I feel like I couldn’t reach a camera in front of me because the controls were mapped out poorly. If I had one negative it would be that when switching cameras, loading times can often be quite frustrating. However, if you can put that negative aside, you’ll really enjoy what République has to offer gameplay wise.


The fact that the PlayStation 4 release of République includes all 5 episodes is perfect. Not only do you not have to wait for the next installment, it all together feels like a complete experience. The whole game will take you around 15 hours to complete, however this can be extended if you take your time to collect the number of audio takes and information out there to really get a fully understanding of the story and all of the characters. Yes it does has a few flaws, but République is an experience that I really recommend you giving a shot.


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