Resident Evil 2 character skins releasing for free in March


Resident Evil 2 Demake

The Resident Evil 2 remake is just days away and if the reviews are anything to go by its one that can’t be missed. One of the reasons it’s so highly praised is down to the overhauled graphics which look absolutely stunning. The character models, in particular, are something of a marvel. But. Traditionalists amongst us may be shunning the new game because it’s just not like the good old days. They’re of course wrong because these so-called ‘good old days’ were inherently bad but there is something on the way which may help bridge the gap between old and new. 

On March 22nd there will be a free character pack DLC releasing for everyone who owns Resident Evil 2. The twist here, however, is that you’ll be getting the old-school polygonal skins for Claire and Leon so you can party likes it’s 199…8. So that’s free DLC which turns your characters into their 1998 former selves. Not bad, eh?

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