Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition coming soon


The Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition has been announced and bundles all three pieces of DLC with the base game.


Resident Evil 7 was a pretty divisive title when it released as it completely ditched the third-person perspective, replacing it with a first-person one. Initially this worried long-term fans of the franchise but fortunately it paid off with many exclaiming that this change was the perfect injection into renewing the Resident Evil franchise. Following its successful release two pieces of DLC were released; Banned Footage Vol.1 and Banned Footage Vol.2, each of which will be bundled in the Gold Edition of the game. The 3rd, currently unreleased, DLC – End of Zoe, will also be included in the Gold Edition and is available for season pass owners on the 12th of December.

Not only that but the previously delayed piece of free DLC – Not a Hero – is also going to be included in the Gold edition and it too releases for everyone on December 12th, regardless of whether you have the standard or gold edition. Basically, if you want Resident Evil 7 stuff then December 12th is the day for you!

Resident Evil 7 Gold edition will release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on December 12th.

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