Resistance 3 Public Multiplayer Beta Dated


Following up on last week’s vague announcement, Sony and Insomniac Games have finally stated when they will allow PlayStation 3 users to download the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta.

PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe will be able to download the beta on August 10th, whereas their North American counterparts will get access to it on August 23rd.

North American PlayStation 3 users who picked up specially marked copies of SOCOM 4 will be rewarded by even earlier access to the beta on August 4th. All they have to do is pop over to the PlayStation Store and redeem their code.

There’s nothing similar in place for non-PlayStation Plus subsrcibers in Europe at the moment, but Insomniac Games have stated “there will be further opportunities” to get access to the beta after the August 10th. If you’re interested in getting involved in some early Resistance 3 multiplayer action, we suggest keeping an eye out for further announcements.

As stated last week, the two game modes on offer will be Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction. Both modes will be playable on the two maps, which will be Seaside (located in Glamorgan, Wales) and Trainyard (located in Bogota, Colombia).

Throughout the beta, you will be able to level up your character, buy and upgrade weapons and abilities, customise your loadouts and unlock new skins. The level cap in the beta will be set to 20, so you won’t be able to get the full range of abilities, modes, maps, and weapons until the game actually launches in September.

Before the beta kicks off, we will be bringing you a Sneak Peek at what the multiplayer facet of Resistance 3 has to offer. You won’t want to miss that, so stay tuned to NGB!

Resistance 3 is currently set to be released in North America on September 6th and in Europe on September 9th, exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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