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Retro FIFA Voting Closed


So far in the FIFASoccerBlog Retro FIFA series we’ve been all the way back to where it began with the joys of FIFA International Soccer and we also visited the indoor football glory days of FIFA 97 but where do you want us to go next? That my friends is completely down to you.

Tom and I have had some fairly strong discussion about this over the last few weeks and as we couldn’t decide between us we thought we’d let you the FSB community decide which retro FIFA title we go back and review first in the New Year. So without further ado the options are:

FIFA Road to World Cup 98: The first FIFA game with a licensed soundtrack boasting the classic “Song 2” by Blur, this game was also the first to feature accurate player rosters and of course the legendary Road to World Cup game mode. This was the last FIFA title to appear on 16-bit consoles.

FIFA 99: The indoor mode was now gone but in its place was the “European Dream League” sounds good eh? Where the top 20 teams in world football went head to head in a league style format. It also had introductions by Gary Lineker and the legendary Des Lynam.

FIFA 2001: The first FIFA title to hit the Playstation 2 boasting a brand new graphics engine, unique player faces and for the first time real team emblems. It was also the first FIFA to have a power bar for shooting and a rather hilarious deliberate foul button.

To cast your vote simply type the name of the game you want us to review in the comments field below and submit or alternatively you can message me directly on Twitter: Dave797

We’ll let you know the results asap.

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