Richie Palys Launches 'NES' Music Kickstarter Project


We don’t usually mention Kickstarter projects much on here, but we feel this one, created by Richie Palys certainly deserves a mention!.

Richie Palys has been a videogame player for 14 years and is also a hugely talented musician. What makes this Kickstarter project so special is that he aiming to create a trilogy of albums, one for the NES, one for the SNES, and one for the N64.

The music has already been written for the NES album, and he is hoping with your help, he will be able to get some of the best jazz musicians to help record the album in Chicago. These include Matt Ulery, Marquis Hill, Makaya McCraven, Rob Clearfield, and Corbin Andrick. The album will eventually be sent over to the UK where it will get mastered by Mark Dobson, who’s part of a group of producers, ’Ambassadeurs’, who are a huge deal in Europe’s electronic scene. It will also be mixed by the grammy award winning James Auwarter, who’s gone triple platinum with Kanye West, gone platinum with Rihanna, gone gold with Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco, and has 30 grammy nominations on top of that.

Currently at $655, he is aiming for a total of $10,000 which will get the following:

$2,000 – The five musicians that will be recording on the album are each going to be paid $400 for the recording session.

$500 – This is paying for the 8-hour recording session at Transient Sound.

$500 – This is paying for John Norman, our producer, who will be adding synth and producing our album.

$4,500 – This is paying for the mixing process. Perhaps the most time-consuming, tedious, and important part of recording an album is the mixing process. It takes an unbelievable amount of patience, several dozen hours of listening and working, and a particular ear to mix an album properly. Granted, we have a Grammy Award winning mixing artist on board with us so we knew it was going to be a bit of extra change, but it will be worth it to both you and I when the album is released and it sounds AMAZING!!

$300 – This is paying for the mastering process carried out my Mark Dobson.

$2,200 – This is paying for licensing and distribution. I need to pay for the rights to cover the Nintendo tunes, and then on top of that I will be manufacturing albums and shipping them out to all of you who paid for them as well as the rest of the rewards.

You can take a look at the Kickstarter project, which includes a video from Richie himself here. Be sure to let us know if you will be donating via the comment section below.

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