Ridge Racer: Unbounded – City Editor Trailer


Namco Bandai has released a city editor trailer for their upcoming racer, Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

The trailer below shows off the basics of the editor that is featured in the game and also reveals the more advanced part of the built-in editor as well. It’s looking pretty damn good it must be said and the potential is huge. Ridge Racer: Unbounded is a bit different compared to the previous iterations in the series with a focus on crashing through the environments to find the various shortcuts, taking out your opponents and of course, the very detailed track editor. Check out the trailer below.


Ridge Racer: Unbounded is released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in Europe on March 30th. The title is coming to North America but at present, no exact release date has been announced.

Source: NamcoBandaiGamesEU.

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