Ridge Racer Unbounded Demo Now Available


Namco Bandai have released a free playabale demo of their latest racing game, Ridge Racer Unbounded. The demo is available now via Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam.

In the single player demo, players will have the chance to get a taste of the visceral and destructive races with two adrenaline-filled domination races in the City Limit District. Players will discove the intensity of The Unbounded whilst driving either the Wolfseye GT or the Hurricana CX in the Shatter the City race. These intense races will proved players with a glimpse of the driving ecstasy, destruction and domination that they will encounter once they purchase the already available full game.

This latest racing title, which is developed by BugBear Entertainment addes a new edge to the franchise with explosive races and impressive destruction. The single player mode sees players earning their place among The Unbounded gang by impressing leader, Kara Shindo with high speed races. Domination Race mode will encourage players to destroy all in their path including rivals, the environemtn and other traffic. Survival Race mode will see players take control of one car and try to avoid destruction in order to finish first place. Other game modes include action focused on taking out other cars, drifting and dueling. Players can also take their skills online against other players in several multiplayer modes. These allow players to dominate cities that have been created by others using City Creator.

A trailer has also been released to mark the release of the demo. Once you have played the demo, Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below. If your not too sure on whether to purchase the game after playing the demo, you can read our review by clicking here.


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