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Robbyearon Back To Ecuador


I get frustrated when folk call me the PES Messiah (are you reading Suff!). It’s said in jest, but the word messiah is a strong one. If there was one person who deserves the tag line, then it simply has to be our friend Robbyearon. He’s been on the podcast, he’s been on TV shows, and he’s been working hard once again with his charity work.

Below is his latest video showing his travels:


You’ll notice in one of the scenes Robbye is wearing a special t-shirt with logos of establishments who donated a larger amount. One them is indeed WENB. We’re happy and proud to say we contributed to this fantastic cause.

I hope everyone follows us in the future and donates to help Robbye achieve more. Whether it’s through donating for his fantastic option files, or simply through his facebook page, lets make a big difference together.

A fantastic community, and a fantastic man. Robbye, the true PES Messiah.

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