Rockstar Working on Grand Theft Auto Online Lost Character Issue


Rockstar Games have revealed that they are busy working on a number of issues with Grand Theft Auto Online, which also includes loss of characters.

Some have also said that along with characters, they have also lost items, apartments, cars and in-game money. Speaking via their support page, Rockstar stated:

We have received reports from some players who experienced losing characters, progress, items, and/or in-game cash during the first few days after release, We are working diligently to identify and correct the causes for these losses, as well as to establish how best to restore any lost progress and value. If you would like to receive an automatic email notification as soon as there is more information about this, please log into the Support Site.

Are you happy that this issue is being dealt with? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: CVG

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