Rome II: Emperor Edition Release Date Announced


SEGA have confirmed the released date for Rome II: Emperor Edition.

The definitive edition of Rome II will be released for the PC and Mac on September 16th. It comes including the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack DLC. Covering events of the 2nd Triumvirate War, which ultimately sounded the death-knell of The Republic and ushered in the age of The Roman Empire.

Those who own Total War: Rome II will be upgraded for free on the 16th Sept to the Emperor Edition. Comprising numerous improvements to the base game including overhauled building chains, a redeveloped and more impactful politics system, improved campaign and battle lighting and, of course, all free content updates since ROME II’s launch in September 2013.

A new cinematic trailer has also been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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