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Romily Interviews… David Rutter



Romily Broad, EA SPORTS Football World supremo and FIFA Community Manager too, was at the FIFA 10 Community Day last week (well he’d have to be being the Community Manager otherwise he’d be out of a job). Knowing full-well that the community wants to know what to expect in FIFA 10, he took a camera with him and interviewed everyone involved in the making of the game.

He’s done a great job and he even manages to sneak out some little hints of scraps of information that we’re not allowed to talk about. In-fact, we might not even be allowed to talk about the fact that we’re not allowed to talk about it. So before we get arrested by the PolEAce (see what I did there), take a look at the interviews we’ll be posting over the coming weeks and listen carefully to what they have to say.

First up is the big cheese himself, FIFA 10 producer… David Rutter.

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