Rumour: Apple To Launch A Game Console in 2012?


Apple is set to launch its own game console with Valve in 2012 according to recent reports that have been circling the internet.

The guys over at CultOfMac recently posted an article after CEO of Apple, Tim Cook’s paid a visit to Valve’s headquarters in Bellevue, Washington after recently being snapped there for what at first looked like any other visit from a company CEO to the next. Reports mention Cook was there was to talk about the very successful PC gaming platform, Steam, which is owned and developed by Valve, working in a similar way to Apple’s App Store. However, it seems like the reasons for the visit could be more interesting with a new report claiming that the Cook was there to talk about a new TV venture with Valve that will incorporate a built-in console.

Recent report suggest that Apple will dive into the gaming console market with a TV set that will be released this year and will be “Apple-branded and will feature motion control gaming built in” that works like Microsoft’s Kinect motion technology and will be controlled with touch and motion and also the possibility of a touch screen remote that will be bundled with the TV set. Valve recently placed an advertisement for a hardware partner to help “create new gaming experience,” so take that as you will.

What are your thoughts on Apple releasing a home dedicated game console? Will it be a success? Are you interested? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: CultOfMac.

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