Rumour: Xbox 720 To Have Blu-Ray Drive and Require Always On Net Connection


Nothing like a next-generation console rumour to kick off a Monday morning, and today’s one relates to the Xbox 720, Next Xbox or whatever you want to call it.

According to a report from VG247, Microsoft’s next console will have a blu-ray drive, built-in Kinect sensor and require an always on Internet connection. To add to that, they understand that the console is set for a Christmas 2013 launch. That said, Microsoft are not expected to announce anything until next year.

The requirement of an always on Internet connection is sure to a mixed reaction, and it’s certainly a feature we don’t entirely agree with, but is said to be included as an anti-piracy measure.

Multiple sources have told VG247 that the console will have two GPUs, stating “It’s like two PCs taped together”.

Final specifications of the console weren’t divulged, but the graphics cards are said to be equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs (not CrossFire or SLI). The console’s GPUs are structured differently when compared to a normal dual PC set-up, meaning the Xbox 720?s graphics units will be able to work independently, drawing separate items simultaneously. In addition to that, the console’s CPU will have “four or six” cores, one of which will be reserved for Kinect and one for the operating system.

Thanks to a now deleted tweet from Sean Tracy (technical designer for Crytek), we already know that the console is codenamed Durango. Just in case you missed his tweet, Tracy hastily stated that he was at the “Durango summit” in London at the end of February.

What do you guys think about this information? Is an always on Internet connection the way to go? Will Microsoft go against their word and unveil some information regarding the console at E3? Let us know via the comments section below.


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