Saints Row IV Gets Two New DLC Released


To mark the release of Grand Theft Auto V, Deep Silver have today released two new DLC for Saints Row IV.

The first DLC is appropriately titled GAT V, in homage to the latest title in the successful Grand Theft Auto series. It is available on Steam for PC and even better, will be free the whole of today (September 17th). The DLC lets you dress up in typical Johnny Gat fashion or in the official Aisha costume. Also included is the Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun and a Knifethrower (no kidding) for the ultimate Saints Row #GATV experience.

The second DLC released today is the Wild West Pack and includes a fitting cowboy outfit, a wild west dress and a Western themed shotgun and revolver.

Both DLC are priced at £2.39 (PS3)/£1.99 (Xbox 360) and will be available for European console owners tomorrow. It is currently available now for US console owners and for the PC via steam.

A trailer for both pieces of DLC has been released. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.



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