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Seabass Confirms Gamescom Code Is 'A Month Old'


OK my fault, I missed this in the gamekult interview. Thanks to jmcorp from the boards for pointing it out.

In the interview Seabass details the effect of having old code at Gamescom, after the interviewer pointed out certain annoyances in the code on the show floor:

It may be the difference between the preview and the current version of the game when we enter the final phase today as there many small adjustments of the kind that are made so that it no longer. In fact, when I practice the version we have developed for gamescom, I already pay for the differences between this version, dated a month ago, and I see every day in Tokyo . I was surprised that some do not pass in the feet while they are points that have been precisely fixed. Even I do not always find myself (laughs).

Nice to know, especially for the people who are concerned by how the game is looking. It also reaffirms PESFan’s statement that the code is indeed old.

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