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Seabass To Unveil PES 2012?


Jon Murphy’s latest tweeting eludes to a different kind of assault this year.

So yep, if you aren’t on twitter by now then you are seriously missing out on info as it happens. Jon Murphy chose the social site to drop some more info and hints regarding PES 2012. First off, quite tellingly, again he chose to focus on AI:

Sorry to keep you waiting. Had more time with code. AI certainly improved for attacks, defending and decisions. Can’t say more at the mo.

Then another tweet quickly after, saying:

Seabass will explain more within the next couple of weeks

So, will Seabass be presenting PES 2012 when it’s shown for the first time? Written statement, or full blown video of the main man talking about the game? Like Jon said, only a couple more weeks at most until we all know.

Stay tuned!

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