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Second Mo-cap 'Star' Revealed


I love the PES community, I really do. Everything that Konami release is always scrutinized and analyzed by fans around the world, and this is another case of that. A massive thanks to gold132 and kreb for this piece of info.

People would have noticed a second person in a mo-cap suit in the video released earlier today (at 1min 41secs). The name of the person in question is Billy Wingrove, who is a well known freestyler AND (in a bit of twist) was also involved in the mo-cap session for EA’s FIFA 07!

This perhaps answers a lot of questions that some had regarding how vigorous the mo-cap session was, and if Messi was indeed the only one doing the smooth moves. Knowing that Billy has done this before, and that everyone in the game won’t move like Messi is very reassuring. I could never see Messi doing the defensive/sliding animations!

See more of Billy here.

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